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Anhui Yawei Machine is one of the best China CNC Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines,CNC funny basketball quotation, Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, CNC Bending Machines, metal cutting machines suppliers, manufactures, factory in China. Ahyawei Fiber Laser cutting machines will have different models according to...,ace2three contact number

uganda basketball livescore,Anhui Yawei Machine is one of the best China CNC Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines,CNC funny basketball quotation, Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, CNC Bending Machines, metal cutting machines suppliers, manufactures, factory in China.

Ahyawei Fiber Laser cutting machines will have different models according to final user’s metal fabricating job, the cutting capacity included 3000mm*1500mm, 4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm and 6000mm*2500mm, cutting material included Mild steel, Carbon steel laser cutter, Brass plate, Stainless metal laser cutting, sheet aluminum fiber laser cutting, it can cut metal thickness from 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm&20mm mild steel, 3mm,6mm, 10mm mild steel plate according to your laser metal cutting power.,volleyball bump games

punishment for online betting in india,Here are also some optional laser power for your fabricating job, 500w fiber laser cutting, 750w fiber laser cutting, 1kw optical fiber metal sheet cutting machines, 2kw&3kw cnc metal sheet fiber laser cutting, if you are looking for one cnc metal fiber laser cutting machines with pipe&tube cutting advice from China, Ahyawei will be here to offer you professional solution, the rotary axis can cut metal round pipe, square type pipe with cnc advanced laser technology.

uk volleyball live score,Laser is using the stimulated radiation principle makes the light in certain stimulated the amplification of a material or the launch of the device, light, electricity and other oscillation method was carried out on the material incentive, make the one part of the particle excitation to a higher energy state, when the state of the particle number is greater than the lower energy state when the number of particles, because of the stimulated radiation, the material can be on a particular wavelength of optical radiation to produce amplification, which is the wavelength of optical radiation through the material, the emission intensity of amplification and consistent with the wavelength, frequency and direction of optical radiation.

handball videos training,Optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine as the light source is the use of optical fiber laser generator. Fiber laser is the new development of a new type of fiber laser output laser beam of high energy density, and gathered in the workpiece surface, the workpieces is super fine focus light irradiation area moment melting and gasification, move the light to shine through numerical control mechanical system and automatic cutting.



Part I: Ahyawei cnc sheet metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine factory forsale In China

Ahyawei 1530 fiber laser cutting machine adopts China famous Raycus laser device(option: IPG or Nlight brand) which has international advanced laser technology. Equipped with efficient transmission system by Taiwan  gear rack after grinding process and high-precision linear guide. Advanced automatic CNC system, group into high precised CNC fiber laser cutting machine.,tennis backpack babolat

Mainly applicable for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy etc such metals’ cutting and molding.With advantage of High speed, High precision, High efficiency and High cost performance. This model is metal processing industry’s first considering metal cutting machine.,uganda basketball livescore

Part II. Applicable materials and industry of Ahyawei Metal Plate Fiber Laser Cutter

Suitable for aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, ship manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, kitchen furniture, electronic components, automotive parts, cooling, and ventilation pipes, signs, metal and other metal parts processing industry,tennis dress pleated

soccer spirits online,Fiber 500W cutting speed for reference

Material Thickness(mm),handball live stream thw kiel

basketball world cup australia,Material

Max Cutting Speed (m/min)  (with O2),basketball poster making

0.8 mm,

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 ,volleyball information

punishment for online betting in india,Carbon Steel

tennis scores venus williams,16/min   

soccer gloves adelaide,1 mm

best basketball game xbox 360,12 m/min

mikasa volleyball uk,1.2 mm

nike tennis wear mens,9 m/min

1.5 mm,soccer camp delaware

8 m/min,mikasa volleyball uk

2 mm,tennis tournament for beginners

best legal poker sites,6.5 m/min

3 mm,new nike volleyball shoes

3.5 m/min,soccer gloves adelaide

4 mm,handball goal post size

1.5 m/min,class of 2022 basketball rankings wisconsin

1 mm,reddit best online poker

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 Stainless Steel,soccer matches london january 2020

12 m/min,tennis tournament for beginners

2mm,uk volleyball live score

mikasa volleyball uk,8 m/min

3 mm,new nike volleyball shoes

4 m/min,new nike volleyball shoes

cricket market odds,4 mm

basketball world cup australia,1 m/min

Part III: Configuration of Ahyawei sheet metal 500w,750w, 1kw,2kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machines China

basketball news kenya,1. Cutting system

图片7.pngcricket market odds

volleyball bump games,Bochu Auto sensor laser cutting head. With Auto sensor system. Make sure cutting steel which is out of shape.

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Inside laser head, with one one collimating mirror, one focus lens and protect mirror.   ,t-online handball live ticker

pp login

At the bottom with copper nozzle, diameter mainly with 1.2 or 1.5mm diameter.,pp login

betfair cricket twitter,2.Control system


xavi soccer boots,With Bochu Control system and software with English language, applicable insert files with DXF. Or AI format. Drawing in the software is also okay. Software with fly cutting mode for cutting same products for save time. With Nesting function, autonomic compose type for saving materials by saving spaces.

3.Cooling system,cricket market odds

图片9.pngtennis tournament for beginners

When laser head cut metals, there will produce some hot energy in laser head and laser device. Water chiller is for cooling this two parts. Laser head part, mainly cooling the mirrors.,purdue basketball wikipedia

beach volleyball berlin

tennis association international,Temperature in the water chiller is auto adjustment, mainly set up with 25 degree around.

 ,soccer camp delaware

cricket market odds,Water in chiller should be pure water.

handball goal post size,4.Laser source

ace2three contact number,Fiber 500W laser device


The photoelectric conversion more than 30%;,young boys

Working environment: 10-40 degree,tennis scores venus williams

Device with air-condition to keep it in normal temperature.,handball live stream thw kiel

Laser device box with air-condition, protect the laser device from high temperature,basketball game music

handball videos training

5.Transmission system,yale basketball livescore

图片11.pngsoccer spirits online

ipl cricket apps for ios,Gear- rack transmission system from Taiwan. Make sure the moving speed faster than ball screw transmission.

 ,handball wm ungarn kap verde

X and Y axis Moving speed can be max 80m/min,tennis ace sega master system

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6. Driving system,cricket bat making machine price in india

图片12.pngcricket market odds

basketball news kenya,Japanese Panasonic drive motors.

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live casino lightning roulette,Match-able with the transmission system, improve cutting speed and precision.

ankara ptt voleybol

ipl cricket apps for ios,7.Collect system

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ankara ptt voleybol,At the front of machine, with collector for saving small cutting pieces. Below collector with wheels, easy push and pull.

8.Purging system,ipl cricket apps for ios

图片14.pngnew nike volleyball shoes

Purging system is designed under the X axis beam. It is moving together with laser head. So make sure the smoke is absorbed immediately after cutting. Protect the air environment is also very important.,reddit best online poker

nike tennis wear mens,9.Feeding system

图片15.pngbasketball poster making

quest volleyball tournament

xs tennis club,Feeding system with six air cylinders. Before feeding metal sheets, let it rise by click button, after feeding materials, let it down, so metal sheets can be protected by avoiding scratched.

australia women's soccer vs u15,10. Auto Oil Injection system

图片16.pngjun kobayashi tennis acep>

soccer spirits online,Gear-rack and guide rails after using some time always need maintained by inject oils to make sure the machine keep moving fluently and in good precision.

11.Machine structure,cricket kou website

图片17.pngsoccer bet mobile

handball live auf eurosport

vorverkauf olympia qualifikation handball

X-axis beam is Casting aluminum alloy structure, machine bed is casting structure, it can make sure long time machine bed not out of shape. Work stable is very important for the machine performance after long time using.,beach volleyball berlin


▶ Machine Model,how much is a lotto ticket

tennis scores venus williams,Ahyawei Metal Fiber Laser Cutting -1530

▶ Max. working area,fifa online free to play

1500mm x 3000,mikasa volleyball uk

▶ Laser,handball videos training

Raycus fiber 500 watt fiber laser,tennis for two crossword

tennis scores venus williams,▶ Cutting thickness

0.1-6mm mild steel, max 3mm Stainless steel,volleyball equipment clearance

▶ Laser wavelength,beach volleyball berlin

1080 nm,world cup volleyball hiroshima

▶ Rated power,quest volleyball tournament

soccer jersey zebra,10-100%

▶ Water chiller power,handball wm ungarn kap verde

tennis for two crossword,5.6 Kw

▶ X,Y-axis location accuracy,tennis scores charlotte

soccer spirits online,±0.01mm

▶ X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy,young boys

cricket market odds,±0.01mm

▶ X,Y-axis fast moving speed,best legal poker sites

soccer logo quiz,80 m/min

▶ X,Y-axis max. cutting speed,basketball player number

tennis ace sega master system,16 m/min

▶ Min. cutting line width,tennis tournament for beginners

0.02-0.08 mm,tennis dress pleated

▶ Max. cutting speed,basketball news kenya

16 m/min,volleyball equipment clearance

▶ Machine occupy space,t-online handball live ticker

4.5 m x 3 m,ankara ptt voleybol

5th grade basketball zone defense,▶ Machine weight

5000 KGs,tennis for two crossword

xavi soccer boots,▶ Voltage

Specific according to final user,soccer gloves adelaide

tennis for two crossword,Payment Term:T/T Bank transfer, 30% down payment in advance and balance before shipment

soccer team in uk,Delivery time: Within 30 work days

Warranty: one year,ace2three contact number

best online football games for android,Certificate support: CE, FDA, SGS

all cricket team match schedule 2021,Part V. Maintenance cost of Ahyawei Sheet Metal CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines.

t-online handball live ticker,Electrical power cost

handball goal post size,Equipment components

Power  consumption(KW/H),mikasa volleyball uk

young boys,Total

handball goal post size,Total consumption(RMB/hour)

soccer gloves adelaide,Laser source

h2h soccer analysis,1

basketball player number,8KW/H

8*RMB 1=RMB 8,5th grade basketball zone defense

Machine bed,volleyball bump games

tennis scores venus williams,7

Water chiller system,uk volleyball live score

2,vorverkauf olympia qualifikation handball

tennis ace sega master system,Auxiliary gas cost

Gas type,vorverkauf olympia qualifikation handball

handball goal post size,Air cost

h2h soccer analysis,Using time

punishment for online betting in india,Total consume

tennis elbow brace placement,Cutting effect

uk volleyball live score,Note

Oxygen,basketball news kenya

tennis dress pleated,15RMB/Bottle

80 minutes,latest fifa rules and regulations

11RMB/H,uk volleyball live score

Black edge,punishment for online betting in india

soccer matches london january 2020,Take 1mm carbon steel as example

epl in india,Nitrogen

25RMB/Bottle,handball live stream thw kiel

25 minutes,handball goal post size

how much is a lotto ticket,60RMB/H

volleyball hand signals definition,White edge

tennis scores venus williams,Take 1mm stainless steel as example

Fiber air cost,yale basketball livescore

punishment for online betting in india,none

tenue tennis jupe,Note: The number above is Chinese cost. Just for your reference. By the way, if you use nitrogen a lot, you can consider it in can. So it just cost quarter of the total. Also, you could save the time to change bottles

1.Consumable parts,purdue basketball wikipedia

name,h2h soccer analysis

Life time (hour),basketball player number

Unit price,basketball news kenya

usa vs china volleyball,Consumable

per hour,ankara ptt voleybol

Note,volleyball information

soccer spirits online,Protect lens

handball wm ungarn kap verde,>=600

USD40,tennis scores venus williams

next year hall of fame basketball,USD 0.07

Good working environment will make sure spare parts longer lifetime,xavi soccer boots

Copper nozzle,new nike volleyball shoes

>=800,vorverkauf olympia qualifikation handball

how much is a lotto ticket,USD20

USD 0.025,epl in india

tennis for two crossword,Focus lens

>=3000,pp login

h2h soccer analysis,USD145

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Total,nike basketball shoes malaysia

USD 0.15,h2h soccer analysis

2.Total consumable per hour of fiber laser machine (with Oxygen),ipl cricket apps for ios

fifa online free to play,Electrical consume

Oxygen consume,tennis tournament for beginners

tenue tennis jupe,Consumable parts

live casino lightning roulette,Total per hour

reddit best online poker,RMB 8

RMB 11,tennis backpack babolat

RMB 0.15,nike tennis wear mens

volleyball equipment clearance,RMB 19.15

3, Total consumable per hour of fiber laser machine(with nitrogen),tennis association international

soccer logo quiz,Electrical consume

Nitrogen consume,tennis dress pleated

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best legal poker sites,Total per hour

RMB 8,handball wm ungarn kap verde

tenue tennis jupe,RMB 60

RMB 0.15,tennis backpack babolat

RMB 68.15,volleyball hand signals definition

Ahyawei Sheet Metal CNC 750w Fiber Laser Cutting Samples suppliers made in China:,soccer jersey zebra




betfair cricket twitter,Images of Ahyawei Metal Sheet Fiber Laser cutting machines

 ,basketball game music

australia women's soccer vs u15,If you are looking are one sheet metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines from China manufactures, Ahyawei is one of the best Fiber Laser Cutting Machines suppliers made in China, we have 500w,750w, 1kw,2kw&3kw fiber metal laser cutting options.

Any interesting in Ahyawei CNC metal Sheet 750w Fiber Laser Cutting machines,  please send email to

all cricket team match schedule 2021,Anhui Yawei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China,reddit best online poker


             class of 2022 basketball rankings wisconsin,

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