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Typically, on the forehand volley there will be little to no swing. The first key to the forehand volley in tennis is keeping the racket face up while the lower body must maintain a low and strong base of support. The posture on the body must be upright, and the swing path should be limited.

Learn The Real Kick Serve Swing Path

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Swing Path. The swing path of the high forehand is different than for low or medium-height shots. On low or medium height shots, you can really dip your racket under the ball significantly. However, on the high shots, it’s not necessary to dip the racket so low. You’ll want to get only slightly under the ball before hitting it.

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SWING PATH The swing path moves in a straight line from slightly above the contact point to a position above the net. The racquet face is slightly open when contact is made from below the top of the net. GRIP The Continental grip should be used for both the forehand and backhand volley. This grip is half way between the Eastern

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The swing path is a straight line like you are pushing the ball. You want to eliminate the backswing then push forward through the contact point, using your body momentum and the pace of the incoming ball are your power sources.

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The swing path is the important aspect of all great tennis strokes. First, let me explain what I mean by outside-inside-outside. It basically means the player starts their swing (whether it be forehand or backhand) with the racket away from their body. The racket, or hitting hand, will then move close to the body.

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