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Zone defenses and zone defense drills to help your basketball team become better at playing the various zones such as the amoeba, 2-3, 1-3-1, and more.

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These drills don't take a lot of practice time, but are important for developing the skill set necessary to play good zone defense. Stance Drill In diagram A, all players line up four or five across (depending on your number of players) in rows. In the stance drill, players maintain the correct defensive stance for one minute.

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To help players learn the benefits of the 'pass opposite' when playing against a zone defense. Drill #1: Inside Outside Pass Opposite O1 passes to O4 in the low post. O4 turns and passes opposite to O2 for the shot. Coaching Points: O4 should keep catch ball and keep at chin level or above head.

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5-on-5 Drill Use this drill to run the "whole" of your zone offense, with all of your options. You can run your standard zone offense(s), and also mix in zone plays. Make sure that every shot is followed by aggressive offensive rebounding for second and third shot opportunities. Offensive rebounding should be big part of good zone offense.

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The 2-3 zone is the most popular zone defense played. It can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3-point arc as well as the inside game. Many teams will use the 2-3 zone against athletic teams to limit their drives to the rim and force them to take shots from the outside. 2-3 Zone Drills. Zone Defense Rebounding Drill

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Zone Relocate and Flash Shooting Drill. Bert DeSalvo. 1 passes to 3 who flashes to FT line area. 1 relocates (slides) towards baseline. 3 passes to 1 for one-dribble pull up baseline jumper. 3 turns and locates 2. 2 passes to 3. 3 steps to the pass, takes one-dribble and shoots a FT jumper. 2 slides towards Baseline.

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The off hand stays off the ball. The player then shoots for the stars. He goes through his shooting motion and shoots a high, soft shot, letting the ball go out in front of him. Player holds follow-through until ball hits the court. The opposite player grabs the ball and then goes through the above steps.

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So your practice plan format might look something like this: Warm up (in the hallway before practice) 45 minutes of basketball skill drills. 15 minutes of defense & rebounding drills. 15 minutes of team offense drills. 15 minutes reviewing special situations (inbounds plays and press break) 30 minute scrimmage.

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How the Drill Works: Players form a line at the top of the key and fill the wing spots. An offensive and defensive player start by playing 1-on-1 from the wing. After the score or defense takes possession, the offensive player immediately closes out on the opposite wing and they play 1-on-1.